LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder


  • 10:1 mulch ratio
  • 8-inch wheels
  • Includes collection bag
  • Electric 15-amp motor



LawnMaster presents the LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder, a tool with amazing features and an attractive price. The chipper is powered by a sturdy 15-amp motor, it has 8-inch wheels for additional mobility and according to the manufacturer the mulch ratio is of 10:1. In the box you will also find a collection of disposable bags that you can use when you shred things in your garden. It can shred branches of 1 ½” inch wide and users stated that they’ve even inserted pine cones through it.

If we are to choose two words that would describe this gardening tool, we would have to opt for “affordable” and “reliable”. Compared with other products in our shop, you can buy LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder for under $200. That’s a bargain!