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How to buy the wood chipper shredder that’s perfect for you

A wood chipper shredder will speed up your gardening tasks considerably, especially if you don’t have the luxury or the time to spent hours working in your back yard or your garden. Even if some people consider these mechanic devices as an alternative to traditional tools (rake, spade, shear, axe, saw), I truly believe the wood chipper shredder should be bought and used only in conjunction with the tools mentioned above. There are various types of wood chipper shredders that you can buy on the market and you should learn how to buy the one that’s suited for your needs. These gardening machines can be stored in your barn or in your garage and used at the right time.

Determine if electric is better than fuel

This is the first question you should ask yourself: do I have the power supply and enough electric cord to cover all the area I am going to clean? Again, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides, so this decision should be based on your needs rather than on your budget. If the answer is “YES”, then you can look for advantages and disadvantages of electric shredders. If the answer to that question is “NO”, than you should steer your attention to a chipper shredder that’s powered by fuel, since it will give you additional mobility.

Decide when large / heavy is to difficult to carry.

There are two types of wood chipper shredders: mobile and fixed. Working with these devices is not a walk in the park, so make sure that you can evaluate your physical condition and your needs before buying one.

Make sure you buy a chipper shredder that’s not too heavy and not too large for you, since you will be using it for more than 10 minutes. If you feel that you are not in your top physical condition, you can buy such a machine that has wheels. Otherwise, you should pick one that’s handheld.

The Engine

It’s all about the power here. If you feel that you will be shredding leaves and small branches and nothing else, you should buy a wood chipper shredder that has less power. But if your back yard is packed with large debris and larger branches, make sure that the device you buy has enough power under that case so it won’t get choked at first use.

Evaluate the input material your are going to throw in the shredding machine and make sure you pick one that can handle it. Continue reading

Where to find the best wood chipper shredder that’s perfect for you? Tips and pieces of advice

Before hasting into the stores and buy the first thing that’s recommended to you by the assistant there, you need a plan. I can’t give you the recipe for which chipper to buy (since I don’t know your needs), but I can share some of the tips and advices I learned so far, so you can make the best possible decision.

What to look for

Before setting up your budget, you need to understand your needs. Are you going to use the shredding machine heavily or are you going to use it once a year? Which type of waste compression are you expecting? How thick are the branches you are going to shred? You want a larger chipper shredder, or a device that’s compact and doesn’t eat too much storage space. Are you looking for something really cheap or you want a quality chipper machine? All these questions should be addressed before going into the store, since they will guide you to make the proper decision.

The best places where to buy a chipper shredder

You can get a great chipper shredder online or offline. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but if you decide to get it from your local store, I strongly suggest to check the online stores before making the actual purchase. You need to get in touch with the prices and you really need to read customer’s unbiased review. Remember, the store assistant has one target in mind (and one alone!): to sell his products. By checking the reviews, seeing and comparing the prices you will have better chances to buy a product that’s actually good for you. The best place that will answer to your question “where to buy a chipper shredder online” is probably, a trusted website that offers everything you need: a large catalogue of items, unbiased reviews and great offers and discounts from Amazon’s partners. All you have to do is chose the yard chipper and shredder that’s perfect for you.

Taking care of your back yard like a pro

cleaning back garden

I have to let you know that there are seasons I like and there are seasons I definitely don’t like. I’m a person that loves to meet with his friends for a barbeque, to travel and to have a clean home. Maybe that’s the reason I’m not so found of spring and autumn: every time these seasons come, there seems to be an awful volume of work around the house, and the cleaning never stops. Long days of mulching, shredding, packing and repeating the same loop are waiting for me, and sometimes I’m just too tired to continue.

Fortunately for me, there are tools available at affordable prices that will reduce my work time down to 20%. For light debris like dead leafs, I’m always using a garden vacuum, but if I want to take care of those shrub or hedge prunings, I definitely need a more powerful tool like a chipper or a shredder. As the name suggest, these type of tools will transform any tree branch into wood chips, making it easier to dispose or easier to store for a later usage.

Things you should know about yard chippers and shredders

First of all, we need to talk about the price: these types of gardening tools are not cheap, but they are affordable. I’m not talking about $10-$20, but I will say that instead of calling for external help and paying at least $300 per job, you can invest couple of dollars into your own tool that can be used multiple times. In the long run, your investment will definitely pay off.

Secondly, you should know that there are few facts you should know on how to use the shredder or chipper. You need to have a power supply nearby, since most models run on electricity. If you want to cut big logs, then a gardening shredder is not enough. You read the manual and learn about the tool’s limit and never cross it. Some shredders are noisier than other, so if you know you have neighbors with sensible ears then you should probably look for a tool that’s quieter.

Third (and most important for your health), you should keep yourself safe. Most chippers and shredders are safe by design, but since it’s a machine with so much power, there are some risks involved. Pay extra attention when you use it, and  buy yourself a proper equipment: gloves, proper clothing and goggles.

Clean your garden like a professional

It’s not that hard to clean your garden by yourself if you have the proper tools. All you need is couple of hours of spare time, a proper equipment and you’re good to go. More than that, you will learn that cleaning your own garden will give a sense of satisfaction that can never be achieved by looking through the window while another man is cleaning it for you.