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Best Gardening tools for spring season

During the spring season, it is crucial to be prepared with the perfect gardening tools that you can find on the market. They should help you speed up your cleaning tasks, finish the job quickly and get back to your usual life in no time. If you do not own these tools then you should probably establish a budget, scout the online shops, decide what you need and buy them. These gardening tools can be as simple as a rake or as complex and heavy as a wood chipper shredder. In both cases, take your time and to invest in the best quality your budget can buy,

Spring is the season of rebirth, when trees and plants “change their clothes” for the new season, leaving behind debris, small branches,
dead leafs and dry twigs. During this period, experts recommend to take care of the ground properly but, before that, to clean it. That should be our primary concern. Therefore, we should choose the best gardening tools to clean everything. The first step is to remove the withered grass or dry
leaves. This work can be done with a lawn ripper or a leaf vacuum mulcher. The rake can be used to remove unwanted rocks and moss that grew on the ground. An adjustable rake will help you gather smaller debris that are scattered on the ground, regardless of their size. It should feature a flexible width teeth made of steel.

If the gathered waste does not contain rocks, you should probably use a wood chipper shredder to shred them into smaller pieces that are easy to maneuver. Most wood chipper shredders will chip and shred everything you throw inside, including small brunches up to 3 inches. The shredded result should be stored into large plastic bags.

Don’t stop here! Once the ground is cleaned, it’s time for the next task. Dig the soil with an electric cultivator that can reach up to a greater depth, getting things ready for a medium sized garden-type appliances. The cultivator grinds the soil effectively and faster than a conventional tool. After this, you should scatter the fertiliser on the soil. Depending on your plan, you can update your lawn, plant vegetables or flowers or even trees.

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How to buy the wood chipper shredder that’s perfect for you

A wood chipper shredder will speed up your gardening tasks considerably, especially if you don’t have the luxury or the time to spent hours working in your back yard or your garden. Even if some people consider these mechanic devices as an alternative to traditional tools (rake, spade, shear, axe, saw), I truly believe the wood chipper shredder should be bought and used only in conjunction with the tools mentioned above. There are various types of wood chipper shredders that you can buy on the market and you should learn how to buy the one that’s suited for your needs. These gardening machines can be stored in your barn or in your garage and used at the right time.

Determine if electric is better than fuel

This is the first question you should ask yourself: do I have the power supply and enough electric cord to cover all the area I am going to clean? Again, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides, so this decision should be based on your needs rather than on your budget. If the answer is “YES”, then you can look for advantages and disadvantages of electric shredders. If the answer to that question is “NO”, than you should steer your attention to a chipper shredder that’s powered by fuel, since it will give you additional mobility.

Decide when large / heavy is to difficult to carry.

There are two types of wood chipper shredders: mobile and fixed. Working with these devices is not a walk in the park, so make sure that you can evaluate your physical condition and your needs before buying one.

Make sure you buy a chipper shredder that’s not too heavy and not too large for you, since you will be using it for more than 10 minutes. If you feel that you are not in your top physical condition, you can buy such a machine that has wheels. Otherwise, you should pick one that’s handheld.

The Engine

It’s all about the power here. If you feel that you will be shredding leaves and small branches and nothing else, you should buy a wood chipper shredder that has less power. But if your back yard is packed with large debris and larger branches, make sure that the device you buy has enough power under that case so it won’t get choked at first use.

Evaluate the input material your are going to throw in the shredding machine and make sure you pick one that can handle it. Continue reading

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