The advantages of using wood chippers and shredders

Cleaning your garden after winter or summer is not an easy job and doing it just by using your bare hands will probably take longer than you would have expected in the first place. In fact, there is a big chance that you could end up asking yourself if so much trouble is worth your while. I’ve been in such situations and I will share this advice to you: Don’t despair, it’s time to get smart!

The world of gadgets, tools and technology is moving really fast these days, and tools are getting cheaper and cheaper as we speak. If you have a back yard that needs some cleaning, investing in gardening tools that will speed up the yard cleaning process is probably the smartest move you could make, and you will notice the difference as soon as you start putting these devices to work. With gardening tools like yard chippers and shredders, the work will be done in no time and you will notice the difference: there is more time left to spent with your family.

The advantages of these gardening tools

Tree branches and various debris gathered around your home are really hard to clean and to store, but if you are using a chipper shredder for a heavier fall clean-up, you will speed up ease your work while saving some money. Also, the machine will reduce the volume of the junk by 60-80%, so you will end up using less garbage bags and less storage space. But I will get back to this later. Until then, you should know that such gardening cleaning tools come with a warranty and a usage manual, so you don’t have to worry about it being too complicated or to risky to use.

Why should you get this tool?

As I said before, if you love cleaning your own garden, getting such a tool is a must! All the chippers-shredders that I will recommend here are made from premium materials (steel and durable plastic), they have great warranty of 2-3 years, and the price is really affordable. Also, they will drastically reduce the working time needed to finish the cleaning.

The price

Before letting you know the actual price for a chipper shredder, let’s do some math. If you hire a team of professionals to gather and shred all the branches and dead leafs from your garden, you will pay at least couple of hundreds of dollars per session, right? Of course, they also put some manual work into the cleaning, but the hard part is endured by the the shredding machines. If you buy your own chipper shredder, you will recover the investment in two years at most (considering that you will perform gardening cleaning two times per year).

Now, let’s get back to the price. Most chipper shredders are priced between $200 and $2000. Of course, if you are using it for a small garden with no-so-large tree branches, you will be just fine with a $500 shredder. Maybe that price is higher than a common rake, but it will last for years. But I will get back to this topic in my following articles.

One thought on “The advantages of using wood chippers and shredders

  1. Dean Phillips

    I thought it was interesting how you said that a wood chipper can reduce the volume of your waste anywhere from 60 to 80 percent. My father is planning on removing a bunch of trees from his property. It may be beneficial for him to rent a wood chipper to help him out.


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